I'm very new to Git and I apologize if this has been asked before but I am only using Git for personal use. Basically trying to get familiar with it and expand my skillset. I use VS Code as an IDE for my Salesforce environments and I was basically looking to see if there is an application that allows me to see ALL of the files that are in my Git repository. I have GitHub Desktop but it only shows changes that have been made and if I want to add a repository on another computer I have to download all of the files to that local drive.

My goal is to have the local files on one machine. I have three computers. My work computer (where the files are stored on a local hard drive), and my personal laptop and desktop. When I'm at home I like to use my desktop but anywhere else I will use my laptop. So it would be very convenient to have an application on both my personal machines to view every file in my repository so if I need to edit or open any of them in VS Code, I can do so without the file having to be on either of the local drives. Surely this exists and there is a huge possibility I am just not looking in the right place or don't have GitHub Desktop set up correctly. Like I said, I am very new to this so any help and direction is useful.

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