I'm looking for a Git Repository analysis tool. I would like to check my (and also my team) commit activity.

I'm looking for a tool that can help people to do accurate timesheet, crosscheck and validate them. I also want to check the activity of a project to evaluate the time spent on it.

I know this king of tool may be inaccurate for some people. My objective is not to blame or to check on specific person. I'm also de developer. I know I can use it for me because I do many small commits so I can clearly see the days I work on this or that repository.

My repositories are on Bitbucket.

Something like this

enter image description here

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There are some locked questions over in SO about the same topic that have attracted lots of suggestion, and I also found a few newer tools:

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You can use the git log function to get a comma separated list of the commits over a given period and then use a spreadsheet or tools such as pandas to process it.

git log --since='2019/01/01' --date=short --pretty=format:'%an,%ad,%s --all > commits.csv

Will give a commits.csv file with a line for each commit containing Author Name, Author Date, Subject - this will give you the number of commits each day per author but not the impact of each commit however this is not easy to measure.

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