I'm looking for an email client that can automatically generate calendar events from text in email. It should be able to (or at least try to) fill in the title, date, time, and location from the email. Here are some samples of text that it should be able to read from.

Sample 1:

This Tuesday (1/1) at 4-6 PM, faculty, staff, and grad students will be presenting opportunities in research labs throughout the College in rapid-fire 5 minute sessions. Come eat dinner and see if something excites you! Located in the Research Building, in the conference area, room 111. [...]

Research Building 132
4 to 6pm
Tuesday January 1

Sample 2:

Tuesday, January 1, 2019
Computing Building - Courtyard
(Rain Location- Atrium)

Sample 3:

Date: January 10-12, 2019, Friday to Sunday
Location: Convention Center, Anchorage, AK

Sample 4:

"Innovation Lab" Tech Talk
RSVP by 5pm EST Monday, December 31
Date: Tuesday, January 1
Time: 6pm-7pm
Check-In: 5:30pm in the Visitor Lobby of Main Street
Location: Tech Talk Space

I don't expect it to be perfect, of course, but it should be able to detect the date, time, and location information in simple cases at least. The title of the event is not too important. It could just be the title of the email, or it could try to intelligently read it from the text of the email.

Gmail and Windows 10 Mail have a feature that tries to auto-detect times and create clickable links from them to create calendar events from them and maybe even fill in the title, but they're not very smart. Windows 10 Mail might only detect the time and not the date and thus assume that the event is happening today, and never tries to fill in the location. Forwarding those emails to Gmail has not resulted in any meaningful event detection either. Outlook 2019 does not seem to do any event detection.

This event detection could be like what Gmail and Windows 10 Mail try to do – creating links from the text of the email that prefills in some details of a calendar event which you can edit further. It could a service where you forward an email and it adds an event to your calendar. It could be some separate app where you can copy the text of the email and paste it in, and it creates the calendar event.

It'd be nice if it could also optionally copy all the text from the email into the calendar event, in case it missed some important detail from the email and didn't include it in the calendar event.

The question Calendar event generator from just text is related, but explicitly does not want something that is just part of email software, and it is unclear whether they want something that handles location information, and they probably don't expect it to handle the complete text of an email which might contain irrelevant information.

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