I am a car enthusiast and setup a raspberry pi that is collecting sensor data from my car (Timestamp, Afr, Map, Rpm, Fps, ... ) which gets enriched with GPS data (Pos, Speed, Alt). I collect 10 samples per second. The Pi saves them locally and then sends them via a Mqtt over mobile connection to a server. The server is running Influx and Grafana to display the values. This avoids the hassle of getting the Laptop after a session, load the data, setup the graph and so on. After a short wait, its readily available in the browser. It could even be shown on a TV in the shop without the need of touching a keyboard with dirty fingers :)

This is all working so far, but the visualization causes me a headache because Grafana is limited to 2 Y Axis/Units. With that its a bit difficult to read the data (e.g. RPM, MAP and AFRs must be brought in relation to "read" them).

In addition to the graph I want to be able to show a map that displays the GPS track. Grafana is able to do all of that, but the multiple units on a single graph.

Is there a web application (e.g. similar to Grafana) that can display line graphs with multiple Y axis? Or an easy diy solution? Is there a way of achieving this with Grafana?

I was looking around, but honestly, I find it hard to find something suitable, there are many options of various scales and often its hard to tell whether I can achieve what I want. Therefore I wanted to ask here. Below, I've attached a sample picture of what type of representation I'm looking for.

The Server is running Ubuntu, currently the typical LAMP stack, I can install additional software if required. I'm not locked on Influx either.

The data is not really real-time, it is send in compressed packages of x hundred lines. Data transformations, sensor interpolations and such can be done before writing to the db, so nothing in that area is required. X-Axis should show the timestamp, some way of moving or zooming through time is required. The frontend will face public, so it must either bring own security or is secured through the webserver.

Any ideas would be highly appreciated. This is a hobby project therfore I don't want to spend a lot.

Many thanks!

enter image description here

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