Is there some website or some software on which I can visualize data structures and algorithms? I have found a visualizer for sorting algorithms on HackerEarth, but I need a visualizer for advanced algorithms, mostly for trees and graphs.

I need a free software. I am a student, so if some software has free licenses for students, please recommend.

This is my config:

  • OS - Windows 10
  • Ram - 16GB
  • Processor - i7-8750H
  • Graphics Card - gtx-1050ti

I think if you ask about a free framework running on Windows, that can be used to visualize all sort of things you have mentioned, the best approach would be to program the visualization using some programming languages. One of such frameworks is DataMelt: (1) it's free (if no access to examples is needed); (2) It's based on Java and runs on Windows (3) It has a large number of 2D/3D canvaces to program grahs, charts etc. You can also use Python to program your visualization.

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