I am looking for software that implements following development workflow with git:

  • master branch is blessed. Any commit on master pass tests.
  • trusted developers push to branches like dev/Joe/joes-feature
  • Software in question tries to cherry pick commits from developer's branches on top of master and test it one-by-one.

    • If tests pass, commit is landed on master, and next commit in branch is processed.
    • If tests fail, whole branch is marked as faulty, no other commits are m cherry-picked from it and developer is notified somehow.
  • Software repeats until all developer branches are either fully cherry- picked into master or marked faulty.
  • Nicety: pushes from developer Alice into master or into dev/Bob/* branches are rejected by Git.

How it is different to GitLab (GitHub is same):

  • pull requests must be merged manually. There is no "merge any good commit" automatically feature
  • CI only checks HEAD of pull-request branch, not every commit.
  • CI checks pull-request branch, not what will happen when it is merged into master.

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