I am looking for a piece of software that is able to search for a set of predefined keywords in a document - and ONLY this set of predefined keywords.

BACKGROUND I am writing manuals for a PLM system and I would like to offer my users a dedicated search option that helps to navigate within the pool of manuals. A "normal" document search option returns all hits when I search for a word in a document, but I would like to define 5-10 keywords on my own for each manual, and when my users search with keywords for relevant manuals they only search in the (by me) predefined keywords.

Is there 1) a dedicated search tool for this task, or is it possible to tweak i.e. Microsoft SharePoint to the job? There seems to be a function in SharePoint called "Enterprise Metadata & Keyword Settings" - does anybody have experiences with this functionality in relation to keyword/document search? Or with some other piece of software? :-)

Any inputs are greatly appreciated!



  • Do these keywords have to be in the manuals? If not, you can use document management software that allows tags or keywords for the files. – user416 Aug 21 '19 at 13:07
  • No, the keywords do not necessarily have be in the manuals. Is there a specific document management system you have in mind? It really needs to be a low key system where keyword management is my primary interest! – Karsten Aug 21 '19 at 13:37

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