As of now my team has a Stubby Server for testing application interactions with REST services.

The problem is there is no change log for the stubs (REST response payloads).

Hence if anyone changes something we couldn't know what has been changed since last time and sometimes if anyone updates the wrong content , it's hard to recover and this causes lots of confusion.

When there is no change log, it complicates the maintenance of the stubs as there is a possibility someone by mistake could remove the changes done by someone etc.

Hence I'm looking for a Stub server which supports REST API with one of the following features

  • A change log of the stubs

  • Git powered Stubs ( it has a commit history ) where file in Git is associated with Stub URL in stub server and people have to change the stub only in git and changes reflects in server by itself.

  • An interface to Collaborate,review and approve Stub changes.


I'm looking for stub server which is free,open-source and allows on premise hosting.


Just a thought I could keep all the stubs in the git but I couldn't find any plugin to push the latest stub changes from git to stub server.

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