I'm looking for a hexadecimal file comparison tool that one let me compare one binary file to several others to see which bytes are missing.

Left / right panes are not required. Some highlighting would also do the job.

Software wanted is preferably with a GUI and for Windows.

N.B.: I heard from Diffuse software, but it's for text files.

Practical case

  • Left pane: a dump (eg. the image of a cloned a floppy disk)
  • Right pane: about 20 files extracted from the dump (eg. DOS executables)

Goal: see in hexadecimal (and text view) which content in left pane doesn't find itself in the files loaded in the right pane.

The order of the extracted files are within the dump is unknown. So, the tool should be able to "attach" the files to the right location in the dump.

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