I'm trying to sift through the MANY js frameworks, and make sense of what can be used. There are too many frameworks to consider. Even on a prospective framework that I think might work, I find it convoluted and confusing to implement, yet still a time consuming learning curve will be used, to potentially be scrapped.

As the title goes,

I'm trying to find a visual editor for my existing MEAN stack solution, but come across many tools that don't really work with my setup, and or I have to implement some (temporarily modern) framework and learn it to even see if it's a good fit.

I don't need anything extravagant. I currently hand write all my code, and it's becoming a tedious task to just tinker with the layouts.

I know everyones solutions are different, and with that comes different work flows.

I guess this Question is about what works best for you? What do you find to be the easiest to implement and install without a huge convoluted course of learning something that might not stick around, framework wise.


Since list based questions are unadvised, I will refine by stating: I am looking for a frontend editor solution that will accommodate a MEAN stack on a linux Debian based machine. If there are frameworks, then please tell me what is the easiest in your experience.

If there is an HTML/CSS/Bootstrap editor (preferably a flexible free open-source solution) that provides such then please let me know...

I understand this is a "Software Recommendations" Q&A, and there will be more than just one piece of software that can tackle my problem.

I've tried payed software like Bootstrap Studio, but it's not flexible with handlebars templating.

  • Please note that list questions are no good fit for Q&A sites – so could you be a bit more specific on what YOU need (instead of what WE use)? For example: are you looking for a framework working with GO, or rather Python? Or are you after a plain HTML editor? Or a software that runs on Solaris, without a GUI, just text mode? What is your price margin? – Izzy Aug 19 '19 at 21:52

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