I am not a professional developer and use javascrip to automate 3d geological modelling tasks in modelling package called Datamain Studio. I am trying to manipulate simple geometries: triangles, points and line segments using javascript. Currently I only need to find intersection between a triangle and a line segment. In the future I may need more extensive functionality like creating triangulating surfaces from points, selecting points above/below a triangulatied surface or inside/outside solids, surfaces pronominal and spline approximation. I found two libraries that seem to have functionality i need to manipulate triangles and line segments: - three.js and - CESIUM

As far as I can see both libraries are geared towards 3d visualisation and simple, basic functionality I am looking for is not highlighted in the high level documentation, so it will take long time for me to get a feel if which one is better. Can someone advice what library should I look into more detail? I understand in Datamain javascript runs in IE7. This project may potentially evolve into something serious, so ideally I would like to use a professional library that is suitable to process large datasets. I currently do not need visualisation but may need it in the future.

Thank you in advance for your help. Anton

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