I'm trying to understand what my options are for sending day-to-day emails for mydomain.com.

My situation is this. I have ~5 domain where individuals send & receive personal emails. We're talking < 20 emails a month per domain.

Currently I use Mailgun as an SMTP service but I am plagued by emails being marked as spam (at gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc).

Am I wrong to use a service like Mailgun for personal emails?

What I need is for users, with their personal gmail/yahoo/hotmail account, to send & receive mydomain.com emails via a third party service (with good IP reputation). I used to use the SMTP service on the website's server. I moved away from this because the website server's IP address is unknown to email providers.

Mailgun's IPs though often has a bad reputation. A private IP at Mailgun is too expensive. My domains are mostly for non-profit & very small organisations.

I wonder if I'm doing this all wrong. Or perhaps Mailgun is fine to use but my implementation is flawed. I don't have confidence in my current solution! :(

Ideally I'm looking for a free service. Or < $150 annually for all my domains.

Thank you all!

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