Considering this question is not a good fit for either StackOverflow nor SoftwareEngineering, I figured this might be the best place to ask this question. If not, please point me to the appropriate site.

A while back I tested, for fun, a library that allowed the execution of code over LAN. I forgot its name. I can't remember how it worked exactly but I think it went a bit like this:

  • Define an interface on a "server"
  • Implement the same interface on a "client"
  • The server can connect to the client and tell it to call on the methods implemented from the interface

This is basically a wrapped around sockets with some reflection sprinkled over it (I assume).

I would like to use this for a project where a web interface controls a "puppet" client running on a Raspberry, to manipulate the GPIO without the need to implement a whole cutom-made communication protocole.

Do you know of any library that contains such a feature ?

I have tried googling for it but all my search lead me to "classic" socket libraries, networking troubleshooting in .NET projects or to classes about the technologies underlying a "network interface".

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