I've set up a NAS for a family member that have very limited knowledge of the PC world. The NAS offers a CIFS share that is mapped to new drive on her computer.

I'd like to install a backup software that runs in the background and copy her important folders.

My requirements are quite simple :

  • Ability to do one-way backup without propagating deletion.
  • Instant backup on file change
  • Good handling of network share (no hang or weird behaviour when NAS is not accessible).
  • As silent as possible (I don't want to receive a call saying that there is an error message showing :) )

I am willing to pay, but not a lot as my needs are very simple. I use for my self GoodSync which does a very good job, but their price tripled in the last 2 years, so I'd like to find something else.

Thank you.

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