I am faced with a specification that leaves me without idea. The goal is to create a data collection form on a clientele wishing to be styled hair. Each time the customer joins the shop, his form is completed / modified, which allows to analyze in depth his expectations and his needs. Everything must be easy to use, allowing the modification of the answers and their search of the customer by name, first name. It should be possible to quickly access the collected data for use in a database.

I've already looked at the Google Forms solution, but it does not allow you to change responses or perform effective searches (I looked at add-ons and some standard scripts with no results). The shop has a Wordpress site, I installed on a plugin but I feel that none of them met all the criteria.

Do you have any ideas ? Everyone is welcome. I would like to avoid coding an application assuming that a functional tool is available.

PS: The application must be usable on tablet or on the Internet.

Thank you in advance.

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    Please write a better title. The current title could apply to any question on this site. – Nicolas Raoul Aug 16 '19 at 8:01

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