I am looking for a small light duty accounting program to use at home for my investments. A General Ledger is probably necessary. It must be able to import bank statements in some form.

I dont mind paying a reasonable cost, but I am not intrested in a recurring cost.

It needs to run on Windows.


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GNU Cash and Wave is pretty sweet. Both free and imports galore.

If it is for personal finance I would Highly recommend Mint or Personal Capital.

  • I tried both but I dont like them. But I am going to leave the tick Sep 8, 2019 at 11:53

I tried GNU Cash and Wave. My main problem with Wave is that they own my data. I want my data on my pc. Which is where GNU Cash shines. However, there are basic usability issues with both. To handle Sales Tax is not too bad. But purchase Tax is a nightmare. Every transaction has to be split in GnuCash, and Wave is not much better. I tried a few others as well.

I have finally settled on "Cashbook Complete" at https://www.acclaim.co.nz/. The price is between NZD85-340, a once only payment. The file is on my machine. I don't mind paying. The UI is very usable, but some of the UI is very 70s. However, I prefer function over beauty. It imports statements, and its rules are so simple to set up and work amazingly well. Once set up, it automatically splits items if required into multiple accounts.

Disclaimer - I am not related to it in any way.

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