I'm building a REST API using NodeJS storing a scraped data that comes from many websites ( the API I'm building is about selling - buying used cars )

There's a potential to scale in the future for more products, not just cars!

I searched a lot for a recommendation for what DB should I use SQL or NoSQL ( MySql or MongoDB )

What I get from searching:

  1. That MySql slow on writes data ( scraping is about writes ) ( Mongo feature )
  2. but the data it has relationships like car => brand => model => user ...etc ( MySQL Feature )

Another confusing is the data will not have a schema as can change from site to another ( Mongo Feature )

I'm really frustrated right now? which Database I should use in my situation?


MySql will never be so "slow" that you will notice it.

I googled for mysql insert speed, this is the first thing I found & it speaks of 1,000 inserts per second.

Do you seriously believe that you will need anything like that kid of performance? You can't scrape 1k pages/sec, owing to internet latency.

Btw, that blog post got it up to 28k inserts/second. Read this if you need more - but you don't.

Stick with the advantages of an RBDMS.

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