I'm a data scientist, not a software engineer. I wrote a spam ticket detector in Python using ML model some time ago and my boss is pretty interested, and he wants me to make it into a demo-able "service". He thinks it would be nice to have a email address that you send to it, run this detector algorithm and automatically respond something if deemed spam.

Now I have no expertise in these kinds of things. But basically I want to

Make the email "read" the message, and somehow feed the input to my Python script Make the email somehow know what the algorithm returned and reply based on the output of the script. I have no idea how this can be achieved, or even how to google it. What software/framework/module can help with this task? Any help is much appreciated!!

  • and automatically respond something if deemed spam Your boss does not know much about spam. You never respond to spam, because 1) that only confirms that your email address works, or 2) the from address is fake and you will then be spamming other people with your replies. – user416 Aug 15 '19 at 12:06

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