Need to test frontend performance alongside some use cases

One of the cases is like this:


1. User logs in
2. User scrolls down 10,000 items list to item 100
2. User click on an edit button
3. Text editor opens up
4. User types some text
5. User saves the edits

Task is to average out performance profile metrics and compare it from time to time. Metrics such as scripting, layouts, rendering etc..

What I'm using to generate trace logs are:

  • Chrome Dev Tools Performance Profiler to generate trace logs manually
  • Selenium Web driver to generate those trace logs automatically when tests run

Trace logs json details are explained here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CvAClvFfyA5R-PhYUmn5OOQtYMH4h6I0nSsKchNAySU

Now I'm looking at how to put that data together.

Would you guys know what software I can use to maybe load all the trace logs I have and get average graph/picture?

Otherwise I'm thinking of using d3js to parse all logs and present them in some manner.


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