I am looking for an open-source free data loss prevention solution. It is better for me, that this solution runs under windows platform because it is a Microsoft based network but if there is no windows solution, a Linux based solution also should help me.

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    Apologies if I sound stupid, but: What is a "data loss prevention solution"? Is it what my generation calls "Backup"? – Izzy Aug 14 at 20:35
  • @lzzy No,what i mean, is some solution like Symantec Or McAfee DLP solution that is not open source but they are the best as i know,there was also opendlp provided by Google but the latest version is for 2012 and also mydlp that is open source but not free. – R1- Aug 15 at 5:04
  • Maybe you could edit your post and add a few more details, so it becomes clearer? The better it is understood, the better are your chances for (good) answers. I for my part still don't have a clue what you are speaking about and what that software should accomplish (but of course that may be completely my fault, not being familiar with that kind of applications). – Izzy 2 days ago

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