When migrating your existing DW Start schema from traditional RDBMS to Google BigQuery what best practices regarding data modeling one should follow.

So I was able to understand below is good

  1. Deformalize is the key to get fast query response
  2. If Dimension table is conformed and you have multiple fact tables better to keep the that dimension table as a separate table
  3. If you have static dimensions tables which are not conformed, merge them with fact table to de-normalize.
  4. SCD Type 1 dimensions table can be merged with fact table to de-normalize

However, I am not able to understand

  • What to do when you have SCD type 2 dimensions
    • How to handle it if we want to merge them with fact table
    • Should we keep them separate table in BigQuery
  • Does BigQuery have concept of PK/FK to join tables, Is it recommended if not whats the alternative
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