At the moment, we use HBase to store data on entities. Satisfies "almost" everything. Besides the fact that he periodically refuses to work.

Desired requirements:

  • similar API (set, get, delete, scan)
  • The database must be replicated (so as not to write in two at once, etc.)
  • advantage over read speed than write
  • storing most data on disk
  • number of records - up to a billion
  • The sizes of the values ​​are from 10Kb to 200Kb (99% of the data). There is 1% - up to 50Mb
  • client for java or rest
  • preferably sorted data by key, as there is a scan(from the nearest similar and further)
  • opensource
  • preferably a solution in the form of a data server

Considered as a replacement:

  • redis (it is not known how it will behave with frequent lifting of data from disk)
  • FoundationDB (confused by the amount of documentation)
  • Cassandra (admins said that reading would be tight, it is mainly for writing)
  • kyoto-tycoon (confuses the presence of only RPC calls)

Tell me from real experience in production, which solutions will work?

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