I work for a small company as an applied scientist and as a secondary task I have created MS Access Database to track some data about our production. The Database has grown so now we migrated the tables to a mssql-server to get multi-user capabilities but still use Access as a front-end. Next step would be to get away from MS Access due to its limitations.

What would be the best technology to learn to develop a front-end for a MSSQL-Database? Next month I will attend a training course about SQL. But what technology to use for developing the front-end itself? I would like to learn something I can also benefit from later in my career since I recognized that I really like coding better than working in a lab.

I can think of three possibilities:

  1. C# and the .net-framework/native Windows app: pros: I have some basic experience with c#

  2. F# and .net, mainly because I'm curious about functional programming.

  3. html+php, but I have no experience about that at all

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