This is my first post ever, so apologies for any mistakes (either in etiquette or otherwise).

I'm looking for a service that I can use to run my machine learning experiments on. I'm currently a PhD student at university, and my university's cluster service has an extensive queue and a very unreliable support record. Basically, I have several learning models written in python code that I need to test, and it would be great to push the code onto a server and check back for the results whenever they're finished.

Preferably, the service would support linux, and I would be able to install all the packages I need without any red tape. I know it's proper to give some idea of specs, but I don't currently have a baseline beyond my personal computer, which takes about 2 - 4 hours to complete a deep learning model using the keras library. Those specs include a lenovo Thinkpad X1 extreme with 32 gb of RAM.

The results I'm looking for are just saved as basic text files, along with csvs and graphs / plots generated using the matplotlib library.

As for price point, being a lowly PhD student, I can't afford too much, but I know these things can get quite pricey depending on bells, whistles, and runtime.

Thanks in advance, and apologies again for any mistakes.

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