I have been on a search for 6 months now searching for an answer to our website problem. My company currently has a custom coded PHP website that was poorly done. Fixing it would cost an arm and a leg so I've decided to migrate to an already existing platform and ERP system. Every firm or local developer I have spoken to have qouted me anywhere from $80k to $300k with an annual cost of $70k to $125k. With no knowledge of website development, it is hard to make an investment without being sure that I will get what I need.

I've looked into Brightpearl and Netsuite for ERP and Shopify / Magento / Bigcommerce for eCommerce. My company's current revenue is $3.5M and is projected to hit $5M in the next year. We have 5,000 skus, two locations, and need the ability to add more locations in the future.

So first question: Do I hire a firm or a local developer?

Second question: What should my budget be for a website that is scalable for a company this size?

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