I want to plot sensor data and the problem I have is that the line chart does not display the x axis "Date time" properly.

First it only read numbers (not following format 01.08.2019 11:04:26), then I managed only once to display that axis properly. And the text in the x Axis gets too crowded, overlapping and unreadable.

If I plot a bart chart with "Date time" in the y axis I do not have this problem as it seems there is more space for the text horizonztally...

How can I fix this so that I can use a line chart with the text "Date time" in the x axis vertically?

Btw. today I tried to plot the bar chart again and does not work anymore...

Also I would like to get this data updated automatically via a link. So far I can retrieve the data using the link but is not automatically updated. Thanks a lot

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  • I don't how anyone can help you if you don't even say how you are trying to do this? Coding it? If so, post your code toon stackoverflow.com Using app? If so, post to superuser.com with lots of info, like which app it is. In either case, give error messages – Mawg Aug 14 at 10:20
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    Thanks for your reply. I am testing CKAN and therefore I am using the demo version. I am not coding. I thought it should not be that problematic to develop a graph as CKAN offers this. It seems CKAN cannot read the colum of the CSV file "Date time". I also do not get error messages just the graph is not properly displayed - instead of "Date time" I get only numbers and does not know how to fix this. – Karen Semmler Aug 14 at 11:22
  • Then you can add that information to your question (add as much info as you can, including what your CSV contains for date/time), delete this question & repost on SuperUser Good luck :-) – Mawg Aug 14 at 11:45

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