The goal is to send the same message to many people (volunteering reminders) but in an automated fashion. The only difference between messages would be the name at the beginning and the target phone number, which would come from a CSV file or Google Sheets directly.

Languages I would be comfortable using (in order):
Something new and not too hard to pick up

The end goal would be click a few buttons (convert google sheet to csv, add to a folder, run a cmd command) and then everything is sent out within 5 minutes from a personal phone. A sample would be:
CSV file: Bob, 5555555555,other unimportant information, Dave, 6666666666, otherunimportant information... Message: Hi Bob/Dave, We have a volunteer event on Thursday. Can you make it?

This would be on Windows 10, probably 8 GB of ram or more. Let me know if any more details would be helpful.

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