I'm looking for a Python network analysis library which can connect to a database to access the nodes, edges and attributes of a large graph.

So far I've been using NetworkX (which is great) but I'm now working with larger graphs (e.g. 10 million nodes). When the data is saved in a text file, it takes a long time for NetworkX to read a ~1GB file into memory in order to analyse it. I thought a library which connects to a database (e.g. something like SQLite) rather than reading in a whole file could be faster.

The main analysis functions I need are route-finding ones e.g. Dijkstra's algorithm. I don't need graph visualisation functions.

Ideally I'm looking for a db I could host myself as a service or a file on disk (as SQLite).

So far I've looked at:

  • NetworkX - doesn't connect to a db
  • Graphlite - looks promising but doesn't provide built-in route-finding
  • Neo4J - possibly the best option...?
  • iGraph - doesn't connect to a db
  • Graph-tool - doesn't connect to a db

Can anyone recommend a particular library and database?

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