I just thought, wich key from my keyboard did I pressed the mosted while coding. Thats when I came up with the idea for a programm, that saves all the keyboard inputs in a file.

But I dont know wich programing language to choose for this. Mainly because I want the programm, to start save the data the moment I start my computer.

Does anyone has a idea how I can start?


From What Every Developer Should Learn Early On on the Stack Overflow blog:

There are very few cases where the language choice actually matters. There are things you can obviously not do in some languages. If you write frontend code, you don’t get a language choice. There are also specific contexts where performance is important and X language just won’t do, those situations are quite rare. In general, language choice is usually one of the least important issues for a project.

Tl;dr it dosen't matter, just pick one that you are comfortable with.

Read about "hooking" keyboard emssages:

etc, etc, etc

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