I have about 2 different java files and one client file. I want to pass data into the java client file and collect the output using javascript.

For context, my project looks like this. I have a Linear Systems of Equations program. The client file has a method that takes input in the form of a string and filters it for the x coefficient, y coefficient, and result. The second file is a class LinearEquation with fields x coefficient, y coefficient, result, and slope. It has a method that takes another instance of LinearEquation and finds the intersection between both lines (returns the x and y values in an array of length two). If there is no result or infinite results the program returns two values of null. I want to make a website that takes user input using javascript, and then that information is passed into the java files. How can I do this? Is there any software that can help me accomplish this? I'm a beginner at programming so any pointers/tips/tricks you guys have is greatly appreciated!


Your Java would need to be running server side, either as a application server (Tomcat, Websphere etc) where Java runs the entire back end, or you need some other langauge to run the back end that can make shell_exec() type calls to your java program. Either way, client side (via Javascript) can communicate with back end by doing HTTP based calls much like a REST API would do.

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