my question is about finding a tool that can help me to sort all classes, and the variables and methods in each class. I'm doing a research and what I'm looking for is a software tool to find and report the following:

  • for any project, I need to find the classes

  • for each class, I need to know lines of code, attributes (variables), and methods

  • for each variable, I need to know the visibility (public, private, protected, ..), and type (int, double, string, array, …)

  • for each method, I need to know lines of code, the visibility (public, private, protected, ..), return type (int, double, string, …), and number and types of parameters

  • A lot of this javadoc will give you, even if your code doesn't have javadoc style comments. – ivanivan Aug 11 '19 at 12:59

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