The other day I found it necessary to burn an MOV to a DVD. Sounds simple, right? No. I didn't want any special effects, I just wanted an MOV on a DVD. Eventually, I just used iDVD and found a hack to remove all the menus and chrome.

The app must:

  • Not apply any styling, menus, or other things to the movie (or at least have the option not to)
  • Intake an MOV and burn it to a DVD
  • Burn the MOV onto the DVD in a way that is playable by a standard DVD player; I don't want to just put the MOV file itself onto the disk.

Is there a dedicated OS X app for this?

  • ffmpegx.com could help with that, as it supports converting .mov as input format and DVD as output format. Disk Utility.app can burn image to DVD.
    – Olli
    Commented Feb 7, 2014 at 20:25

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I found this software via the above answer on this site.

I do know that it can:

  • Handle .MOV files that is what I needed (I did use the Windows version of the software thought)
  • I was also able to play the disc on my regular DVD player.

I am not sure at this time if it can:

  • Complete remove all the menus etc.


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