We are setting up an automated store that prints designs to order.

The store uses Woocommerce and needs to be able to receive information from our website to control our special printer program RasterLink 6 (by Mimaki).

The files are all standardised so it's literally a case of choosing which of the 15 slots the design needs to go in, then hit print.

Optimal situation would be the ability to load multiple orders at once to be efficient and make use of all available 15 bays.

Which software best meets these requirements?

  • If I understand this correctly, the only thing you would actually need from the website coming back to you is a number or name indicating which file was selected? Something on the Windows machine could then feed the corresponding file to a printer slot? (For the printing functionality you wouldn't even need the files on the website). – user416 Aug 9 '19 at 12:51

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