I have an existing client & server written in C++ that communicate over TCP.

I want to add the ability to tunnel the protocol over HTTP proxies, using websockets. My existing code already takes care of I/O, and ideally I'd like to leave that part alone, so I'd like a websocket library that can work in terms of raw TCP data in & out, and not have its own event loop, or need to interact with the sockets directly. I'm fine with dealing with PING/PONG & message fragmentation 'on my own' for the most part.

Looking at the websockets RFC (https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6455), it doesn't seem that complex, so if I can't find something like that, I think I'll probably roll my own support (am I going to get burned?)

The library needs to be pretty portable, since I need to support windows (vs2012-2017), linux (gcc 4.4), osx (xcode 5.1-8.1), solaris (oracle studio 12.4 & gcc 4.9), aix (xlc 12.1/13.1) and hp-ux (acc 6.28). (We also build in C++03 mode, where that applies...)

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