I'm not really in this topic and don't know if there is a keyword for what I'm looking about. But let's start from the beginning. What am I searching? I work at a company where we must connect via VPN (our client specify which one (e.g. FortiVpn, OpenVpn, etc.)) to other companys networks. Some of these companys have their networks encapsuled, so that you can't reach the internet or our company-intern wiki page for search or something else. So we normally use a VM to connect to our clients. With this setting we can reach the network from our client and have our host system to reach the internet. But I don't like the performance drawback using a VM. So is there a possibillity to set up a encapsulated VPN where only selected programs run in (e.g. Firefox and remote desktop), and all other use the "normal" connection?

For the VM I'm using Hyper-V, because I need Docker. So solutions that include disabling Hyper-V aren't usefull for me.

I'm thankful for all hints.

Host System: Windows 10 1903

Greetings Nico

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