I need help in being pointed in the right direction if I may...

Some background - I have a mysql database with 3 related tables:


Up to now I have managed to build a basic html/php page that gives me the functionality to search by a word in the Words_In__Books table and pull out all the relevant data - the word I searched for, author data, and books data. yay!

Now I want to progress to building a basic site around it, that looks nice, fully responsive, has ajax filtering to refine the results 'sort by' functionality and pagination.

I have been playing with Wordpress for the last few days, and managed to get the bones of a site put together. I have entered static data into the search results page, so I now have it how I want it to look. I'm using site builder Elementor btw.

Now, when I try to turn the static data into dynamic fields, I run into trouble.

From how I'm understanding it, Wordpress works on the basis of taxonomy that's relevant for a blogger - a blog post - it's category, it's tag, author etc.

However this sort of structure doesn't suit my needs, and now I'm questioning whether I should be tackling this via another route???

For example, if I shaped my data like the standard wordpress structure, I would have approx 50000 posts that I would have to build and import. But that wouldn't make sense. But at the same time, I cannot see how I can get into the backend of each page and implement some of my original html. But I could be wrong?

I'm at complete wordpress newbie, so I'm still working through tutorials etc., but up to now I haven't seen any example of something closer to what I'm trying to do.

The examples I'm working with are all less complex, data-wise...real-estate sites, car sales sites, holiday sites - all of them can satisfy the 'Posts' structure of Wordpress. Can this all be ripped out and redefined, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Cheers for making it to the bottom :)

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