I'm starting my own business where I go out and meet with clients. I'm looking for a scheduling webapp/storefront with great UX where clients can make appointments and it automatically marks availability. Sort of like an airbnb page but just for me.

I'm looking for SaaS or open source software that I can run on my own server, either is fine with me.


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A lot of companies use Calendly to schedule interviews. I found the user interface simple and it is capable of marking availability and suggested times.


Old question, but in case anyone else interested, you can try:

  • Easy!Appointments: "a highly customizable web application that allows your customers to book appointments with you via the web." It is open source so can be self-hosted.

  • See here for a list of other apps to explore e.g. BookedScheduler


Not sure if it will fit your need, but Google Calendar has a good Appointment Schedule feature

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