I want to visualize Java code over different versions of that code. At the moment I am using Spoon (http://spoon.gforge.inria.fr) and need to parse the whole project even when only the smallest change happened. The underlying problem here is performance.

Exist any Java code parser that is able to update its own (and complete) representation of the code (e.g Spoon represents the code with the class CtModel) by parsing only the code changes?

There are further requirements for the parser:

  1. Needs to parse all important Java code elements (Interface, (abstract) Class, Method, Fields, Loops, ...)
  2. Has to be able to resolve references (e.g. which of the overriden methods is referenced by a method invocation)
  3. Scales for large software projects (~ under ten minutes for 100.000 LOC)

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