Currently I am working on a monitoring project.It captures the activity of user by taking screenshots and saving it in a folder. Later on I am applying image processing to identify the activity of user. After extracting meaningful information, i can use a query on the images. The problem currently is I am not getting any proper algorithm which can compress the image and save my disk usage. I tried to zip the folder as well, but folders having image files cannot be compressed that much that is what i found. Any sort of advice or help will be appreciated.

Thanks guys!!

  • Please note that we recommend software here, not algorithms. So may I suggest you rephrase your question accordingly? Seems like you're looking for some image compressing software. It would help to know what OS you're on, and what format those images are in. And whether it must be a python library (as you've used that tag), or can be a stand-alone program. Further, in this context the image-recognition tag seems unfit, as you're asking about compression and not recognition. Last: I hope you've informed the users about this activity, as that's quite intrusive. – Izzy Aug 5 '19 at 5:56

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