Using Java, I want to build an application which will have these features :

  • Do the following tasks : 1. Connect to an MSSQL database and make a backup. 2. Connect to an MSSQL database and update/delete some fields/rows based on some calculations. 3. Edit and modify/merge some text and XML files. 4. Register some new Microsofts services. 5. Launch and if needed stop Microsoft services. 6. Make REST API calls. 7. Copy folders from one server to another. 8. Compare files/folders located in the same server and in two or more different servers. 9. Connect to a web application and simulate some actions (like buttons clicks, input parameters, ...etc) and check results. 10. Make some checks : test if n web application is up and running, test a URL, ping, test a database connection ...etc
  • All the listed features must be configurable after implementation. Meaning that the admin of this application must have the ability to 1. configure the actions and 2. input the parameters of each action and 3. set the order to each action 4. Schedule the launch of the list of all actions at a given time
  • The application should have a friendly admin console (either web or other) that displays the progression, the result of each action, the logs if needed ... and mut offer the possibility to replay an action or stop an action
  • The application should have a licence key which lasts for a configurable number of days

can you please recommend what frameworks are best suited for this type of application? also if you have any recommandation about a free built-in application that can speed up the dev.

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