I want to create tech document for my friend, and want to provide some logic structure. Is there any Visual Scripting alternatives but for text editing? Something like visual pseudo-scritping. Where I can create infinite blocks with text and connect each other with arrows/lines ?

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If you mean the drawing of preudo-graphic lines in the text file, I recommend CudaText editor, with its plugin "Draw Lines". Install Draw Lines in menu Plugins / Addon Manager / Install. Then call this plugin from Plugins / Draw Lines.

I painted small block set for you:

                   │    main block    │
                   │      title       │
                         │    │
               ┌─────────┘    └────┐
               │                   │
     ┌─────────┴──────┐            │     ╔═════════════════╗
     │  first block   │            │     ║  second block   ║
     ├────────────────┤            └─────╬═════════════════╣
     │     title1     │                  ║  title          ║
     └────────────────┘                  ║      again...   ║
  • Looks good (+1), but I suspect that the OP wants to describe the boxes, their text & relationships & have the layout down automagically @oysho ?
    – Mawg
    Sep 2, 2019 at 10:16

Please take a look at my answer to this question.

In fact, I have given the same answer to many questions.

I think that Graphviz is the tool for you. Describe the boxes, with their text & relationship (work flow) between them & GraphViz will automagically lay the diagram out for you.

This input:

graph {  
           a -- b;   
           b -- c;   
           a -- c;   
           d -- c;   
           e -- c;   
           e -- a;   

draws this output:

enter image description here

Obviously, it can produce much more complex diagrams that that, but that shows the principle - a simple text language to describe the relationship between nodes.

GraphViz has been around for a long time, is well supported, has an active forum and is widely used in academia and in some popular tools like DoxyGen.

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