I'm looking for a very lightweight java profiler with following features :

  • is command line tool - NO GUI of any kind
  • works with java jar binaries - no code edit and compile
  • takes list of class:method
  • pairs [signatures] to profile ONLY them
  • dumps output in a text file
  • works with jdk 8 and above

Something like :

java -agentpath:./myProfiler.jar -DmyProfiler.list=./class-method.list -DmyProfiler.out=./profiler.out -jar ./myApp.jar

Any Thoughts? I googled it for a while and did not find anything useful yet.

The best link so far : https://medium.com/platform-engineer/guide-to-java-profilers-e344ce0339e0 . It refers to what I'm looking for as "Transaction Profilers"

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