I wish to create a (portable) Python (GUI) app for a friend who's not the slightest tech-savvy.

My goal is:

To create a (customized and slim, preferably) click-to-run portable Python environment and an UI tool that simplifies using youtube-dl (and ffmpeg) for download and (mp3 audio) conversion. For a Windows machine, on a Linux system.

Premises are:

  1. She lives in another county, so physical access to the PC is not possible without her travelling (which would be unnecessary hassle)
  2. I don't want to utilize e.g VNC or TeamViewer to perform the setup, or installing anything on her PC, but rather keep it all in an easy-to-use folder on e.g the 'Desktop' or 'My Documents' folder. That way it would be as easy for her as to just delete the folder and download a potential updated solution, if in the future that would become needed. And i wouldn't have to guide trough un-installations, but simply rebuild it on my end.
  3. She's using Windows (10, i assume)
  4. I don't know the target PC architecture, and neither does my friend. So it'll need to be detected, or be 32bit able to run on potential 64bit Windows.
  5. Since there's no wget or curl, i'll have to rely on e.g a self-extracting zip or rar archive. Or any native Windows tools + a batch file, to download the app.
  6. I'm using Linux (Though i currently have a Win10 installed on a temporary VM, to test, and if necessary build)
  7. If any dependencies are needed, that are not present in a base Windows system, they will need to reside in the same folder (or subfolders), as the app. No installation of anything should be required on her end.
  8. It's been years since i last used Windows (then, Vista), so i'm not very familiar with it's capabilities today.
  9. I've quickly looked at e.g WinPython or PythonXY , and while they certainly seem useful and an option, they seem to be a bit 'bloat-ish' for the intended purpose. I'd rather prefer to be able to include only the needed packages (and any dependencies).
  10. I'd rather not have to mess about having to code and cross-compile a tool just to achieve the goal of getting a Python env. set up.. I'd then rather check up what scripting capabilities there are (if any) available on base Windows systems.
  11. As long as there's a working python environment set up, requiring no installation, i'd be able to script the rest and hopefully guide her trough necessary steps.

So my question is:

What are the recommendations when it comes to creating and bundling a 'click-to-run' portable python app for Windows, on Linux?

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