I am trying to interface my stm32f412 microcontroller with external 64Mbit ram. I have selected this particular ram because of its capacity, interface and price which is all ideal to me.

I havent used any external memory nor used FSMC interface, but looking at the timing requirements from the datasheet: http://www.issi.com/WW/pdf/66-67WVE4M16EALL-BLL-CLL.pdf

I am not sure whether I would be able to interface with this external PSRAM chip as some of the timing requirements are <10ns. My microcontroller clock speed has been set to 100Mhz using stm32cubemx: enter image description here

I am also concerned about the fact that the external RAM chip uses the DRAM array as I am not sure whether that will affect the way it is programmed? I assume I still have to interface with it like a normal PSRAM. Any suggestions regards the timing and whether I could use my STM32F412 with this external RAM?

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