My company has a giant room with stuff in it called "the archive". The stuff has been amassed since it's founding in 1847.

What we are looking to do is to create a searchable catalog that folks can use to: 1. understand what's in the room, 2. be able to search the stuff and 3. be able to know where to find the stuff in the room.

The program should have a back end where the archivist can enter the 10,000+ items and a front end where folks can look up the items. currently the list of items resides in a text file and is nearly impossible to work with.

We initially found a program called ArchivesSpace which is web based and used by a lot of companies but we want to find other programs to explore before deciding what to go with.

Cost is not a limiting factor except that we are a non profit.

Examples of items: newspaper articles, plaque, framed photo, books

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