I just finished my first year of uni studying computer science and i do now have a few months before i have to go to uni again and i wanted to do a project in that free time.

I've done some smaller projects already, but i wanted to work on a bigger project now. I am looking for a software that helps me witht he software development process. We had a lecture in uni about that stuff and i felt like this will really help me work on a bigger project without getting completely lost. I'd like to do a more iterative approach. I realized as well that UML can really help designing good software as it helps reducing low coupeling and increases high cohesion and i want to write unittests as well.

I was looking online for software but i did not find a solution that has the key features i would like / need:

  • Planning of the project (Modeling the requirements and keeping track of which ones i am done with)
  • Create UML Diagramms (would really love if the programm would support reverse-engineering javacode and would be able to generate code from diagrams
  • Keep track of unittests
  • Integration with Github

I would be really happy if the program would integrate into intellij as this is the IDE we use at uni and i am the most familiar with.

I looked online and tried many different tools but none did quite fit my needs as most of them lack the modeling ability. The programm i liked the most is Visual Paradigm. I do not mind if i have to spend SOME money on the tool, i'd be fine with up to 20€ a month, but i can't go higher than that bc otherwise i won't be able to afford food.

So my concrete question here is: What are the best tools supporting you if you want to structure a software project? Do you just model everything in like LucidChart and have a word document where you have all the Requirements and stuff like that? Would be really happy if you could recommend me a good software.

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