I would like to learn a way to individually design graphic side and back end side of an online game then merging them together. Let's say I am programming MineCraft. I can write the code in C++ or Java except graphic side. Then I will design each object in another platform (Mostly I will use free assets from web) such as blender(don't want to deal with vertex, shading etc in my C++ code). When I told an object to go from x coordinate to y coordinate in my code, designed object will move in the designed map (maybe a little bit animation too:)). I have tried 2 major things until now:

  • Tried to design the game in blender. Although graphics were pretty good, I couldn't design game engine as I like. I would like to hardcode it myself.
  • I have tried to design graphics in blender and implement it into C++ through freeGlut library. Firstly, even implementing an obj file seems too much extra work (I would like to have a function like 'implement this object into this coordinate). Secondly, graphics change and didn't seem as in the blender. Also when I look at game examples for opengl, they were not too satisfying. I don't know whether opengl is limited for rendering graphics.

To put it simply, how can I design a map and character in another platform and create them in specified coordinates in JAVA or C++ code. (Both languages are okay but C++ is preferred)? Which platform to create graphical objects and which library can manage with external graphic files such as obj file. Also, if possible, I have other specifications for the recommended libraries and platforms (Not necessarily, but preferred):

  • Cross-platform. I would like it to run on Microsoft, android and Linux. Just Microsoft is okay too.
  • Standard libraries, such as opengl
  • Open source platforms such as blender

Thank you in advance, I hope I could explain myself.

  • Welcome to Software Recommendations! Are you looking for Software – or for advice on how to implement the above? – Izzy Jul 29 at 6:16

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