I have been requested to write a huge amount of tests on a C# project in .net 4.7.2. Doing in manually is taking me too much time and I find it really repetitive and monotonic. I am wandering if there is a tool that can do it for me.

I used U.t boilerplate plugin to generate stubs But something more powerful can make my life much easier


If you already have the code base written, most likely it won't be testable, you'll have to refactor and that may cause porblems\errors so I recommend using other tools to test your code and validate its stability. I use Typemock’s ‘Suggest’ tool, it scans your code and generates tests for you, after they are generated you can either save them manually or click save as a C# class. It can be triggered on a method or a whole class, and the most efficient feature of that is ‘work while idle’, I usually set it on and leave the computer to work whole night, that way it generates tests for the whole project and covers the most special scenarios.

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