I’m working on a commercial platform, containing sensitive customer data, we use Elasticsearch on AWS at the minute, for indexing and searching. We’re looking for some advice on implementing a data analysis tool into the platform, to allow customers to create dashboards, or report on their metrics in any way they choose.

We have a single Index, containing all data, and currently restrict access to the data using “User Roles” and clauses, i.e. checking if the user has rights to see the specific information.

This is broken down by Licensee, and a level below that, “Hubs”. Someone at the Licensee level should be able to see all data within that Licensee and the Hubs under them, but someone at the Hub level should be restricted to viewing only data within that Hub.

We want to implement an analysis tool onto the platform, and have looked at Kibana, both AWS and Elastic versions.

We are seeing a potential security issue though, in that Kibana grants access to the ENTIRE index, and it is difficult to restrict access within that Index i.e. apply the clauses that we use on the live platform. Kibana Spaces is an option, however, this appears to require splitting the index up, into customer/hub specific indexes. This would be possible at the Licensee level, but would be problematic at the Hub level, as there are potentially endless amounts of those.

I’m wondering if anyone has come across a similar issue with Elasticsearch/Kibana and have found a workable solution, that might avoid creating endless indexes. Or if there are any comparable alternatives to Kibana that could be plugged into a platform, and allow for analysis of an ES Index? Thanks

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