I need to compare two sites say X and Y. Both X and Y are the same websites, but in Y we made some changes in a particular stage. So I need to verify the changes by comparing X and Y. Can you suggest some tools to identify the changes in my page?

  • How will you access those sites? From a browser, or internally through your network? If a program, then what OS? Price? What kind of changes do you want to detect? One page at a time, or the structure of the site as well? Please read this and edit your question.
    – user416
    Jul 26, 2019 at 7:40

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If this is for professional development, then your version control system should diff the files for you. If you have no version control, then shame on you ;-)

In any case, if the websites were remote, you could use you could use HTTrack to download them.

Since you say that you made changes, then I presume that you already have them locally. In which case, the answer is simple.

You can pay $60 for Beyond Compare, or use a free file-compare utility, such as WinMerge, which will compare two directory trees, and tell you which files are the same, and which are different:

enter image description here

Then, for each file, you can compare the two versions and see the differences (even copy sections from one to the other):

enter image description here

I think that that will solve your problem (and, please, consider using version control in future ;-)

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